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My qualifications

I trained as an action learning facilitator with Action Learning Associates in 2009, and recently trained in Virtual Action Learning. At the Clore Social Leadership Programme I worked with Action Learning Associates to integrate Action Learning into the core programme for all Clore Social Fellows.

It proved a challenging and powerful aspect of this personalised leadership development programme, with many Fellows taking the opportunity to train as Action Learning set facilitators and to carry forward the running of sets into the second year of their Fellowship and beyond, and into their own organisations.


What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is a methodology for reflective learning, sharing and development, particularly well-suited to the voluntary and community sector. The approach was developed by Reg Revans, a scientist used to the process of peer review who believed that people learn best when they have a real issue to resolve and when what they are trying to change or resolve is something they are responsible for.

Action Learning uses the technique of open questions: questions which encourage reflection and are intended to help the individual explore their own thoughts, feelings and experiences – not give advice or share experience. Action Learning helps people to:

The process

A group pf six to eight people working at comparable levels of responsibility meet regularly for a contracted number of meetings, usually five or six. The meetings usually run for a whole day (e.g. 10 to 4).

The Action Learning set is facilitated by a trained facilitator who models open questioning and ensures that the process is followed. At each meeting:

Facilitation - Action Learning